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Pmastech Is A Reputable Firm Of Training And Brand Design/ Optimisation Professionals. With The Aim Of Developing Dynamic Website And Mobile Apps. We are experts with many years of corporate training experience in Web/Graphics design, Andriod & IOS app Development, Digital Marketting, excel, PowerPoint, and more.

We are a trusted growth partner to million of everyday enterpreneurs. We are empowering enterpreneurs to change > the world if it doesn't fit them. To make their ideas real to help them grow online.. We help enterpreneurs meet with potential clients easily and make a good result. CHRISMAS PETER is the founder of pmastech, he establish this company when he was 19years old and the name was derive from his name and surname p = Peter, mas = christMAS and tech = technology. His aim of establishing this company is to help enterpreneurs archieve their goals and To make their ideas real to help them grow online.... CHRISTMAS PETER (FOUNDER)